Troposcope provides a unique opportunity
for exploration.

My name is David Edge, and I am the designer and producer of Troposcope.

David EdgeThe device is the result of following my dreams and innate, intuitive tendencies. In this and in its form and operation it represents the delicate balance we must find between distraction and focused awareness. As a physical metaphor, the many pendulums represent my varied interests in direct experience of the natural world, in science, in spirit, and in craft. The common axis of all of these varied pendulums is what brings it all together as a whole. Bringing diverse experience back to a common center is something each of us can do in our lives as a means to finding our unique calling. In my case, as a child I had access to nature, to books, and to tools.


My goal with Troposcope is two-fold:

1. The first is to provide you with a juggling prop available nowhere else, and the thrill which comes from learning to do something new.

2. The second is to provide you with a novel method for exploration of your own path as it relates to the path of all others in our human family.

And it’s perfectly acceptable to approach Troposcope as a simple toy.

My hope is you will feel the magic and depth of experience which I and others have in the use of Troposcope and that you will wish to explore it on a deeper level.

How Troposcope is Made

In order for this to be quality experience for you, I have designed and produced Troposcope with attention to detail. I cut, assemble, and knot each pendulum by hand to ensure the proper length and consistency between pendulums. This allows you to replace damaged pendulums individually without affecting the delicate balance necessary for the toy’s proper functioning.

The materials are selected for their durability and aesthetic appeal. The components exclusive to Troposcope are produced by small companies in the United States according to my design and standards, and assembly is done by me in my shop in Oregon. In the current offering, only the split-rings for suspension of the pendulums are produced outside of the U.S.

Special Thanks

Because so much of the credit for Troposcope must go to the opportunities I’ve had for exploration of my own interests, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my parents and many of my teachers who gave me this freedom along the way and without whom Troposcope might not have seen the light of day.