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TROPOSCOPE Video, as requested.

Here’s a short look at Troposcope, with the added benefit of slow-motion.  Many of you have asked me for video and I know this will help with getting to know the toy.  Thank you for your insistence, persistence, and support!

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Video from 2 years ago

I’m working on getting some high-speed video together.  In the interim, here’s one shot two years ago with a prototype from development days. Watch it full speed, and then again at half speed to get a better look at the motion.  I promise, there’s more to come!

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Learn all that with Troposcope?

Absolutely! I have no doubt that you will learn things about The Body, Physics, Cosmology, and The Psyche just by playing with Troposcope and by paying attention to your own insights and curiosity.  As this blog develops, I’ll add posts regularly and deal with each of these subjects in more detail. Here’s a glimpse of […]

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