troposcope-3In its most basic form, Troposcope consists of a handle, a rotating structure, and an array of pendulums. By carefully swinging the pendulums in a prescribed pattern you’ll take them from an initial arrangement in which they orbit together, in a shared direction and on a single plane, to one in which they orbit separately, on different planes and in different directions.

It looks impossible.

Doing the impossible is empowering.

Feel it.

The pattern described by the pendulums of a fully
deployed Troposcope is that of the Bohr model of
the atom.

It is a ubiquitous pattern in our modern scientific world,
but it holds this power for pre-scientific reasons:
it is archetypally potent and represents the union of opposites.

It is a very powerful symbol, yet there are no devices
other than Troposcope with which you can create it
or that let you experience the magic of this sort of movement.

Let it move you.

Among other things, by learning to use Troposcope,
you may experience greater hand-eye-mind coordination and
better proprioception, which is your bodily awareness.

It definitely takes concentration, but of a specific,
relaxed sort, and has been compared to meditation for the
relaxed state it can induce. You can’t force it to work.

Troposcope is the result of my lifelong fascination with
certain sorts of movement and of my attention to intuition.
Like many inventions, it is as much the fruit of chance,
and chances taken, as it is that of careful, rational work.

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