Troposcope OS?

Troposcope OS is the name I’ve chosen for this blog for the reasons outlined below:

Think of it as Troposcope Operating System in posts in which I clarify users’ issues with operating the toy and where I outline more advanced techniques not covered in the user’s instruction sheet.

Think of it as Troposcope Origin Story in posts in which I explain what this toy really is to me and how I came to invent it.  I’ll be writing about the importance of childhood memory in determining a life-path.  Some of my earliest memories are all tied to play and ideas that later grew into Troposcope and the thought I’ll be expounding on in the blog.

Think of it as Troposcope Orbital Schematics in posts detailing how to get the toy to do various things.  Fine-line drawings of various positions of operation will typically accompany these posts.

It’s also all the Other Stuff  I’ve failed to mention here.

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